Agenda for Change (AFC) Services

Jackie Reeves Associates provides a range of Agenda for Change services including job matching evaluation and AfC training. She also sits on external AfC matching panels for JME Partners Ltd (

AFC Training for Job Matching

In line with good practice, training is undertaken by two trainers, one management and one staff side.

The training is focused on job matching and include:

  • The underpinning principles of equality and equal pay in job evaluation
  • The matching procedure
  • Documentation required for a panel
  • Awareness of the importance of avoiding bias during job matching
  • The process of job matching against national profiles using the relevant Trust’s internal system
  • Experience matching “real” jobs using the process

The number of participants within the training is a minimum of six and maximum of 20, with a good mix of management and staff side participants.

All training materials are provided, but the trainers would require access to a training room and the computerised AFC system used by the Trust. Access to laptops or computers would also be required for practical work.

Participants would be asked to download the AFC Job Evaluation Handbook at:

For more information, and the fee structure on the above services, please email Jackie Reeves Associates