Clinical & General Management

A range of clinical service reviews for the NHS and private companies have been undertaken.

Set out below are some examples:

Clinical Services

  • Review of pharmacy services
  • Option appraisal for the provision of specialist beds
  • Review of nursing skill-mix in all specialties within a range of health care organisations
  • Cost analysis of paediatric and obstetric services within an acute NHS Trust
  • Review of ophthalmology services within an acute NHS Trust
  • Review of operating theatre staffing in a single specialty Trust
  • Review of staffing, clinic utilisation, systems and processes within outpatient services
  • Review of the operational requirements and systems in an ambulatory care centre

General Management

  • Analysis of the UK healthcare market for a large European based management consultancy
  • Project management of an in-house bid for a Trust portering and switchboard services
  • Gap analysis of a Trust’s facilities services and the development of an ongoing monitoring tool
  • Scoping study of facilities services as part of a PFI initiative
  • Project management and specification preparation of competitive tendering programmes including hotel services/facilities and transport services
  • Option appraisal of facilities services to determine future service provision