Human Resources & Organisational Development

Jackie Reeves Associates offers wide range of experience and expertise in the field of Human Resources (HR).  Set out below are some examples of the support given to clients:

HR Strategy

  • Support with the development of HR strategies within the NHS and private health sector including support for major management of change programmes, organisational mergers and turnaround projects
  • Development of recruitment and retention strategies including the undertaking of retention surveys
  • HR advice to Trust Boards and private hospitals including interim support for vacant senior HR positions
  • Development of an HR strategy and implementation plan to support major IT implementation
  • Strategic and operational HR support to former Eastern Bloc countries and developing countries at hospital, regional and government level
  • Development of workforce plans to address changing needs within the UK and developing countries

Pay and Reward

The development, implementation and ongoing support of pay and reward strategies within the NHS, the private healthcare sector and overseas, including:

  • Inner London private healthcare organisations
  • Country wide private healthcare organisations
  • Teaching Hospitals NHS Trusts
  • Primary Care Trusts
  • Developing and former Eastern Bloc countries
  • Hospices
  • Job evaluation to support the development of pay and grading structures for Senior Managers within:
    • Private healthcare organisations
    • District General Hospitals
    • Teaching Hospitals
    • Primary Care Trusts
    • Strategic Health Authorities
  • Salary and benefits surveys and market positioning for Executive pay, including ongoing advice to Trust or private sector Remuneration Committees within:
    • Teaching hospitals
    • District General Hospitals
    • Inner London private healthcare organisations
  • Salary survey and advice on reform pay structures in developing and Eastern European countries
  • Nationwide salary, terms and conditions of service and market comparative studies across five leading private healthcare organisations
  • The development and implementation of performance management systems including systems which can be linked to pay
  • Development of organisation-wide competency based performance review systems which can be linked to reward
  • Input at strategic and operational level on all aspects of the NHS Agenda for Change programme

Training and Development

  • Design and delivery of senior, middle and junior management development programmes within the health sector and private companies
  • Academic and developmental mentoring support to middle and senior managers
  • Training needs analysis for a country-wide hospital management development programme in a developing country
  • Assessment of potential training providers for a country-wide public health and management development programme in a former Eastern Bloc country

Operational HR

  • Design and development of recruitment brochures
  • Establishment of an Employee Consultative Forum for a non-unionised private hospital
  • Development of communication strategies
  • Development and review of HR policies and procedures
  • Arbitration and mediation support