Primary Care & Joint Working

The following are examples of the types of projects in this area which have been undertaken by Jackie Reeves Associates.

Market research within social services for a private company wishing to examine the expanding homecare market

This involved detailed analysis of the existing homecare market for the following services:

  • Meals on wheels
  • Home help
  • Basic nursing/daily living

The main objective was to determine the opportunity for private companies to provide seamless services to clients in need of homecare provision.

Review of all HR policies and procedures within a general practice

This included the following:

  • staff contracts and terms and conditions of employment
  • development of a pay related staff performance review system
  • review and standardisation of all practice staff job descriptions

Assisting in the development of a major management of change programme to establish primary health care services in a large region in Russia.

The former Soviet Union had developed a centralised, mainly hospital and polyclinic based system for the provision of all healthcare. The project, over a three year period, was to develop primary care services for a population in a large region south of Moscow. This included organisational development for nurses, doctors and administrative staff and, for example, the development of systems, procedures and protocols to support the delivery of healthcare to a variety of catchment populations.

Review of a commissioning plan for an ambulatory care, diagnostic and surgical centre in a developing country.

This included a review of original objectives and revised plans. The purpose of the building, operational plans and training and development for staff formed part of the review.

Experience of Jackie Reeves Associates

The consultants have the following experience in primary care projects and joint working with Local Authorities:

  • Mental Health – Joint working and joint planning with Local Authorities
  • The establishment of a “Joint Board”, between health and social services, for mentally ill patients in a specific catchment area. This involved identification of the most relevant “key worker” for clients – either health or social services, a joint budget and joint management
  • Establishing and evaluating an occupational therapy early-intervention service to enable the elderly to stay out of hospital and therefore prevent support services in the community from breaking down
  • Successful joint government bids with social services, health and the voluntary sector for homelessness projects
  • Joint working on resettlement programmes for the long term mentally ill
  • Non-executive director experience in a community trust and PCT
  • Several associate consultants have held senior manager/executive director positions in primary care